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Friday, July 3, 2009

Indescribable Feeling

My heart cant stop beating
My hands are sweating
Every part of my essence is heating
My toes are tapping
My soul is singing
My lungs are gasping
My throat is stinging
My vision becomes blurred
My mind goes crazy
I only see him, and the very sight
makes my eyes become lazy
My tongue is twisted
my body goes limp
My eyes are misted
A smile is plastered on my face
Suddenly all the blood in my body is pumping
and my heart begins to race
I feel like I'm on a natural high
i feel like my body is on overload
I feel like I can flyy
My body's itching
My lips are yearning
My fingers, twitching
My legs go weak
Listen.... can you hear that?
My heart just skipped a beat.
My legs have forgotten how to stand
Whats going on?
My mind has forgotten where I am
And when I try to open my mouth
I try, but i just cannot talk
And when i try to move my feet
I try, but I just cannot walk
My eyes feel blurry
Its like I can barely see...
And Its ALL because....
"HE" smiled at me...

- a kc tiko original
( no stealing , please )

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