Yes, I'll have some videos, and pictures, & some new shit I like every now & then . But Sorry Kiddos - this blog wont be about "what's hot, or new, or instyle" . It wont be center on celebrities & new shit coming out, because honestly I could give less of a fuck . This blog will be centered around my thoughts, my poems, my wishes, my dreams, and my escapes .

Friday, July 31, 2009

Seen this coming a mile away . .


Why would Mariah dare to try to beef with Eminem .?
Thats like putting the gun to your own head &
Begging someone to shoot it .

He's so amazingly talented .
This is sounding like the old Em,
and Im really enjoying it .

He's really just warning her .
Im sure it's a lot more . .

I hope Mariah comes out with something else ,
so Eminem can really go off .


Just may be , my soul mate .


"It's obvious he has the best fucking blog in the world"

You will laugh, you will cry,
you'll shake your head
& wonder why .

Read it = Love it .

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

So I was just browsing through Limewire ,

and decided to download every single song

ever made or featured on by this man :


and I listened, to like 70% of it .

What a genius .


Imagine the pillow talk .

I think, we're both creative unstable people .

& we'd be absolutely amazing together .

Dreams do, come true .

Kanye taught me that :)

torn inbetween the two.?

Today I had a 16-hour phone conversation with my first love .

For the sake of it , let’s call him CARL* ( that’s not his real name ) .

So we’re talking about life, love , the pursuit of happiness & etc , etc .

Lemme give you some history on Carl . . We’ve been talking since 2oo4 . .

and we have many many many many many MANY memories . .

when we first met , electricity went through our bodies

and BOTH of us felt it . and it scared the fuck outta us .

I WAS 13 when I met him . . barely a teen .

Carl is a trip . He’s a player . He’s a bad boy . . . or at least he used to be .

Carl is telling me , that he’s changed . and I’ll always be his first love ,

he really wants to get back with me ,

and blablablabla ( add mushy game here ) .

Carl is EVERYTHING I want , but absolutely NOTHING I need . .

He’s not good for me .

But I just cannot help but to be so attracted to him .

Me & Carl have some crazy passion . CRAZY passion . .

I still love him , I can't deny that .

And then there’s Corey . Corey Harper .

He’s a greattt guy . without a doubt , he’s the best boyfriend I have ever had .

He treats me soo good . He’d give me the world , if he could .

He’s everything I NEED , but nothing I want .

I know Corey would never break my heart , intentionally .

While I know for sure, Carl will break my heart . That’s what he does . .

I miss Carl though

I miss his kisses,

His laughter,

His corny-ass jokes,

His burnt scrambled eggs .

His friendly ass dog “Snowball”

His eyebrows going up all the time

His tattoos

His hugs

His lips


I know what you’re thinking . .


But man , you can’t tell your heart how to feel .

And I just feel so STRONGLY for Carl .

But I have a feeling, that Carl only wants me ,

because he cant have me . .

and when/if he gets me ,

he'll just go back to his old ways .

I don’t know what to do .

Im WITH Corey .

That’s my boyfriend .

My lover . My BABY

Then why am I dying to feel Carl’s lips against mines.?

Why am I dying to be his , once again.?

Corey’s in Virginia

Carl’s 15 minutes away . .



You dont know me , and you dont wear my chains .


This is the song i relate most to ,
in the whole world .

Press play & be swept away . . .


In the light of the sun, is there anyone?
Oh it has begun...
Oh dear you look so lost,
eyes are red and tears are shed,
This world you must've crossed...
you said...

You don't know me, you don't even care,
oh yeah,
She said
You don't know me, and you don't wear my chains...
oh yeah,

Essential yet appealed,
carry all your thoughts across
An open field,
When flowers gaze at you...
they're not the only ones who cry
When they see you
You said...

You don't know me, you don't even care,
oh yeah,
She said
You don't know me, and you don't wear my chains...
oh yeah,

She said I think I'll go to Boston...
I think I'll start a new life,
I think I'll start it over,
where no one knows my name,
I'll get out of California,
I'm tired of the weather,
I think I'll get a lover
and fly em out to Spain...
I think I'll go to Boston,
I think that I'm just tired
I think I need a new town,
to leave this all behind...
I think I need a sunrise,
I'm tired of the sunset,
I hear it's nice in the Summer,
some snow would be nice... oh yeah,

Boston... where no one knows my name... yeah
Where no one knows my name...
Where no one knows my name...
Yeah Boston...
Where no one knows my name.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Not you too, Solange.?

The hair clippers strike again . .
This time on Solange . .

Ughh ,
I actually like Solange ,
her music's quirky & unique
She has that IDGAF attitude
She is the ANTI - Beyonce .

But Im not loving this cut
It comes off "jocker-ish"
Why does everyone insist
on being copy-cats of someone else.?

I remember when short hair was NOT CUTE!
Now, everyones rocking a fade . .
Ughhh , followers . .

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wow , what a weekend . . .

Okay so nothing special happened on Friday ,
so we can just completely skip that day .
Saturday afternoon ,
Me and Shelby decide to hit up first colony mall
I get dressed , and away we go . . .
We see people we know ,
talk to them for a while . .
hit up a couple stores .
Do some shopping .
Took a picture in Forever 21

We walk into the food court
and who we see :

His name is RIFF RAFF , no seriously .
He was season 2 of MTV's G's to Gents .
He's the one with the skittle braids
from Houston .
Yeah, a real fukn lame :)

Anyways, so him & his friend stop us
And try to holla at us .
Inside , Im laughing balls
But I just smile on the outside
So, Shelby talks to RIFF RAFF
and i talk to his friend
Everyone exchanges numbers
( I gave his friend a fake number )

The reason he was at the mall ?

He had all these Bootleg CD's
of him rapping
and he was trying to sell them
to people at the mall for 5$.

I did mention that he's a lame, right ?

Anyways ,
We walk around the mall some more
I run into my homegirl Devin
in the apple store .
We take some pictures :

After that got old ,
we walked around the mall some more
and we run into our homeboys :
Robert, Kalvin, Samir, and Ty
They said they got green
and want to smoke with us ,
well more like me ,
because Shebly stopped smoking .
So we get in Samir's car
hot box ( putting all the windows up )
and blow like 4 blunts .

So, at this time ,
the mall is closing .

So we go over the movies .
We check the times for Harry Potter
10.00 , 10.35, 11.30
Mind you we got to the movie at 9;30 .

We all laugh, and talk, and times gets away from us.

These girls come up to me
saying how cute and different
my outfit is

I smile and say Thank you
and they go away

Then Adrian hits me up ,
and tells me he is coming to the movies .
( Adrian is this guy I have been talking to for awhile )
Okay I know some of you are confused .
I have a boyfriend , so why am I talking to someone else .?

Well, Adrian knows about Corey.
Kinda, well yeah . lol

But anyways ,
So I wait for him .

Well when Adrian finally does come ,
he sits like 500 feet away from me
and calls me , like where are you ?

I tell him and he still just sits there
with his lil homeboys .

Im like okay?

He was acting really really stupid,
so I just decide to buy our tickets
and go in .

Well, did i mention time got away from us ?

So it was 10;45 . .
and the only one left was the one at 11;30 .
So we get the 11.30 one

and Me, Shelby, and Devin
all post up .


Did you see my outfit in the picture?
banging much?
So of course ,
I was getting haters :)

This group of people walk by
and one boy asks me
if I have on skinny jeans
I say no ,
there are leather tights

and they commence to whispering

Im used to this, so it didnt phase me
and me, Devin, and Shelby start laughing
and talking somethign else

Next thing you know:
Some insignifcant lil girl

I look around
because I know this thirsty trick aint talking to me
But, guess what, she is .
So I go off .

If you know me ,
you know I have a BAD TEMPER
and you know when I get HEATED,
it takes a longgg time to cool me down

Basically ,
she picked the wrong girl .

I start walking toward her,
talking mad loud shit .

and go into the parking lot
and shes talking shit, the whole time shes doing this .
Im just like is this chick serious?
All the lil lames
surround us ...
screaming whatever
I think soemthing like
"HIT THAT HOE" or whatever
lil kids be saying . .

She leaves ,
and comes back .

Looking like,
she's ready .

So Im ready, too .

I know the consquences of these actions .
Im going to wind up in a police car
That dumb chick wasn't even worth it .


Basically, the girl talked more mess
and left in a car .

Silly trick .

Anyways ,
so we head into the movie .

Robert starts getting mad loud
and everyone around starts SHHH'ing us .
It was hilarious

Those white people were pissed!

So 3 of them go out the movie
to tell on us

So we all move to the front
and try to look discreet haha!

The police come in,
but they dont see us,
so they leave .

Harry Potter
It was all about love potions
and Harry Potter's missons
and it was BORING as hell
Then Snape kills Dumbledore
( I shouldnt have spoiled it for you
because if you are watching the movie
you really should have read the book )
and I go to use the bathroom
I was gone maybe 2 minutes
I come back, and the credits are rolling .

WHAT THE HELL ????!!!!
That's not the end of it .

I look at the time,

You cant be serious.
How long was that movie?!

Thats not the end of it .
No numbers, no nothing .

We arent going to call our parents, of course .
So we call anyone & everyone whose numbers we know by heart .

NOBODY PICKS UP. what do expect,
it's 2.30 AM !

so me & Shebly leave AMC
and go to the CVS right across the street

We get some brain food
and sit down at the chairs
and eat the food

We arent really tripping
We laugh, we talk,
about sex, love, relationships,
everything under the sun .

For Hours .

Next thing you know,
it's 6 am .!


We walk over the mall ,
trying to catch secruity .

We catch him ,
and we have to wait until he gets off at 7 am .

He directs us to the restroom loungue couch area
and we lay there .

Trying to go to sleep .
because those couches were harrrrdd !

Next thing you know,
he's off work .
and we both come back to my house .

Shelby goes to sleep .
I dont .

I eat,
I watch TV,
check myspace .

But I dont sleep .

Shebly charges her phone,
and who texts?


He wants to come to my house,
hahahahahahaha .

We give him directions
to a big muscular black man's house
in richmond

and tell him to walk straight in the house
because we're both in the shower... together


his lame ass falls for it ...

I swear, he's stupid .

He gets there, and is EXTRA PISSED .

He calls us dumb bitches

for making him drive all the way

from Houston to Richmond !

Hahahahahahaahaha .

Anyways, we eat hot fries. check our myspaces.

Nothing interesting happens ....


Our friend SUNSHINE hits us up around 8pm
telling us to come get drunk with her, Ty, Jackie, and Jef
we oblige
we go get 2 boxes of beer
( for them, because I hate beer )
and 2 bottles of wine

We go to this area called 'AREA 52'
( its right behind Chelsea Harbour )
and we drink .

Okay, somehow, I drink both the bottles of wine
in like 20 minutes .

so, Im drunk .

Like off my ass, drunk .

It's time for everyone to go home because Jef has a curfew of 11pm .

They drop me off .

Did I mention I was drunk ?

I get in the house .


You know the area in a black person's house


YEAH , I throw up there .



you'd know what color it was . . .

that's right !!


because of the Hot Fries

I try my luck at cleaning it up ,

but I cant .

because Im wayyyy too messed up .

So I go upstairs and knock out .

I wake back up at 9am

and go downstairs,

and see the end of my world .


On my stairs,

In the kitchen ,

On the floor ,

On the carpet ,

On the DOOR .


My carpet is OFF-WHITE

yeah, Im fucked .

Real fucked .

I spend an entire HOUR

trying to scrub off the red ,

yeah,, it's not happening .

So yeah .

Im fucked .

My mom hasnt woke up yet .

So im in my room, blogging .

Im expecting at any moment ,

for her to come in here

and shoot me in my head .


got damn .

the life of a motherfucking teenager .

Friday, July 17, 2009

what a fucking sap .

Many people's opinion of me will change after this blog .

I'm supposed to be a playa,

but the pimp in me has offically died .

Dare I say the word , Love ?

Those of you close to me , will call me crazy

I'm sure of it .

I can't blame you .

I dont expect you people out there to understand,

I dont even understand .

But you guys weren't there ,

on those long days and hot nights . .

You didnt see his smile .

You didnt kiss his lips .

You didn't hear his laugh .

You didnt fall into his arms .

You didn't spend all day at the beach with him .

You didn't get drunk with him in a AMC theater .

You didn't laugh with him until your stomach pained .


So, how could you POSSIBLY understand ?

Anyways, I havent talked to Corey in a week . .

because he's out to sea, and he gets no service in the Atlantic ocean

or where ever the hell them Navy boats are . .

I wont be able to hear his voice until Aug 3rd :(

So I wrote him an email . .


Corey ,

It's been a week since I've talked to you and even though that seems like such a small time, it's been so hard for me . . You're the one, Corey . The one for me . The only one for me . Your perfect , perfect to me , simply means that you are perfect for me . I dont know what I would have done if I never met you . . My whole life, I have been feeling empty, and feeling non-signifcant, and feeling incomplete . . You make me feel so beautiful , so perfect . . . so right . . Im so lucky to have you , so lucky . . . I have so much faith in you, I know you would never do anything to hurt me . . You make me feel so safe, so secure . . Your nothing I want, and everything I need . . I thank God for you every day . . You are truly a blessing from him . .Your constantly on my mind . . when I take a shower, when Im shopping, even when Im sleeping . . I just love you so much, Corey . . i want to spend the rest of my life with you , i want to marry you on a beach, i want to have all 6 of your big head kids, i want to get a house with you with a dog in the back and a picket fence in the front, i want to be mrs. corey dontay harper. . i have never felt like this about anyone, and it both scares and excites me . . . Your the only one who understands me, the only one who knows me, the only one I can depend on . I dont care what my friends think, i dont care about what my family thinks, all i need is you in my life . . I can't wait to see you . . I'm counting down the days . . I miss you more than words can say . I hope, you never ever leave me , because I can't go back . . I know the feeling of complete happiness and I'll be damned if this feeling goes away . . Im scared that one day, you'll find some girl in Virginia who's finer than me , and she'll take your love away . . . Shit, I know we agrue, and i can act like a real spolied bitch sometimes, but I want you to know that you are the best thing to ever happen to me , and No . . it's not going to be easy , it's going to be really hard, but Im okay with that , because I want you, all of you , and me, every single day , for the rest of our lives . .

Talk to you soon .

I love you ,




Someday , someone will walk in your life ,
and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else .

Why, Rihanna?

I love me some Rihanna ,

but this is not what sup . .

I swear all these "It" girls in Hollywood,

walking around lookinq a hot damn mess . .

It's not even about beinq different anymore ,

It's about who can out-do who,

this shit is getting ridiculous .

Monday, July 13, 2009


I will be going to SFASU in the fall .
August 31st, 2009 to be exact !
I move into my dorm August 27th .
my major : Mass Communications with
a concentration in Media Studies
my minor : Creative Writing

I'm going to try to be involved with
the performing arts/theater , also .

I love acting, and Im really good at it, too .
Maybe because it's effortless for me,
to forget who i am,
and completely change into someone else .

I don't know who my roommate is going to be, yet
Im kind of scared . What if she's a weird ass white girl
who never goes out, or has any kind of fun?
What if she's completely oppsite of me?
What if she's a neat freak?
Ughhhhhhhh .
I hope she's cool, and funny, and pretty,
and from Houston .
Haha :P
This is where I will be dorming :

I'm so ready ,
btu I'm hella nervous too .
I'm going to be completely by myself .
No mother to get on me about waking up and
getting to school
or about teachers/principals calling them .

Oh shit !

I never really was any good in High school
I was constantly in the principal's office
and my attention span is that of a 5 year old

but I'm really excited to start college
Everyone tells me that college is the best time of your life

I just hope it's worth all the money !

But Education's always a good investment .


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Two.

Day Two is alot worse than day one , ALOT WORSE . Imagine that . I don't really wanna blog about it . Because that would just bring pain to me . I will just try to forget all about it . I just want to put it behind me . Im already over it . Fuck you , fuck him , fuck her , fuck all yall , because yall all un-real . I fucking swear . My mind frame has forever changed after tonight . Im about to put alot more reserved, closed-in . . Im going to stop going out , doing all this extra shit . I will be home, alot more now . Im starting college in a little over a month and I dont need this . Fuck the world & all the fake ass motherfuckers who reside in it . . . Im too through . and that ends DAY TWO, ONLY 24 MORE TO GO

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Dont me wrong now ,

I love me some Jay Z, he's def top5

but that shit was kinda funny you gotta admit .

Game just dont giva fuck , and he mad talented .

Only bad thing I gotta say is - Why in spain ?

Do this shit in Brooklyn and I'd have the most respect for you, Game .

P.S. he said The Rockets, Mavericks, Spurs, & Cowboys all fucked Beyonce .

I can't wait to see Jay'Z's response to this shit . Ha

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day One.

The arguments from last night still pound into my head this morning as I wake up . . The house phone lays next to me on the bed . . Still beeping, irritatingly . . It hasnt been shut off all night .. I wipe the sand from my eyes as the sunlight dances across my baggy eyes ( due to too many late night conversations ) . . What were we arguing about last night? I can't remember right now . The sun's too bright, the time's too early, and the house is too quiet . I sit up in bed, and I remember . Tears surface . Angry tears. I blame it all on him . . But doesnt the blame really lie within myself? I tear off my clothes and jump in the shower . . I dont remember how long I was in there . . Hours maybe . . Feeling the water against my skin and forgetting where I was , even if only a little while . . The day goes on . I dont do much else , even though my phone is ringing off the hook . Everyone wants a piece of KC , happy crazy, KC . Not today, Not tonight, I tell them . Doorbell rings, and I almost jump out my skin . I dont understand why . I go downstairs to find one of my friends there . We talk . Long story short, Our mutual friend knows of a pool party and I am coming with her . She leaves to the park by my house and says she will wait there with her girlfriend . I mindlessly put on my clothes . . The whole time I think of him , The more I try to put him out of my mind, the more he clouds it . I peel my left eye open, I put in my last contact, and voila! I lose it . The next few minutes are mumbles and cuss words . I try so unsuccessfully to find it . Im pissed . beyond pissed . But I have to go . I have to get out of this house . I have to get away from him . I grab my glasses and throw them on . I finish getting dressed , grab my un*opened bottle of wine, and I tip toe downstairs . . My mother is on the couch . Sitting down . From this angle, I cannot tell if she is asleep or not . I no longer care . I go around the back way and cautiously open the back door . The door yells . screams . laughs at me . Im sure she heard it . I curse myself for wearing this outfit . I'll hear her mouth for hours . Surprisingly, she doesn't move . Im 90% sure now, that she is asleep . She's been working a 16- hour day . Why wouldnt she be sleepy? I feel sad for what I am doing . Here I am , sneaking out of the roof that she works so damn hard to keep over my head . Not for long , though . I am 18 . College freshman in the fall . I will no longer be living here in a little over a month . then why the fuck am I still sneaking out? Im ashamed of myself . I catch her reflection in the mirror . I swear she looked at me . Why havent I left yet? i dont know . Maybe im hoping she'll awake . Maybe Im hoping I can sit down next to her , and we can talk and everything will be how it used to be . Maybe Im hoping she can be my hero again . But that wont happen . . No, that wont happen at all . . . . The night air feels good against my skin . . I walk slowly . 5 minutes later, Im in the park parking lot . My friend and her girlfriend is not there . I consider walking to my friends house, she lives about a 7 minute walk away . And plus, I dont want to go back . Please, dont make me . I decide against it and begin the short walk home . I open the back door again and it screams even louder than last time . I pause, knowing I am caught for sure. No movement . No sound . I sigh . I walk inside the big, empty, quiet house . My mom is still sitting down on the couch . i can see her closed eyes by the glow of the TV in front of her . I see the wrinkles and grey hair . I know I caused many of them . I wish I could have been a better teen . I feel sorry . I feel sad . I feel mad . I feel regret . I feel everything , and nothing at all . I want to carry my mom somewhere where there are No 16-hour-day, No bratty boyfriends, and No unappreciative teenagers . I tip toe back upstairs . I consider calling my friend , but I deicde against it . I sit on the couch for what seems like hours . I want to talk to someone, but I wonder if they will know whats wrong . I sure dont . Then I remember last night . is that whats wrong? Do I miss him that much? It seems like years since we last talked . Has it really only been 17 hours ? Some bullshit on MTV keeps my attention for a couple minutes . I wish I had a fucking ciggerette . What the fuck? I dont even smoke them . . I hardly like them . But I need something , to calm my mind down . To relax me . I sit at the computer , and I consider myspace or facebook . Maybe It'll make me forget . I look at the un*opened wine bottle cradled in my purse . I open it . FUCK . I need a cork-screw . I throw the bottle back in the purse . Mad at myself for even considering to drink that shit . I google a couple things , and somehow end up here . At blogspot . Whats the point of this whole thing ? So people can know you , at least think they do . I click on NEW POST . and before you know it, the words are spilling out of me so fast, that I cant think to stop them . So did this post intrigue you? do you now know me a little bit better? understand me a little better? judge me a little less? Im thinking of deleting this whole thing, but honestly, I dont giva fuck what you guys out there think . I bet someone is reading this right now, that I would never guess . But shit, I guess we;ll never know . . . and that ends DAY ONE , ONLY 25 LEFT TO GO .

Friday, July 3, 2009


I think Im so fine
Im real full of it,
thats what you'll hear them say
but truthfully, yes truthfully,
at the end of the day,
I take my mask off,
and the confidence fades away.
My so called high self esteem gets pretty low--
But i hide it so deeply so they'll never know--
Behind my hardness,
Im soft.
Behind my sureness,
Im lost.
Behind my cockiness,
Im insecure.
I used to be so sure of myself,
but now i aint so sure.
I know it seems like their words dont get to me--
but look deep inside and i bet you'll see--
a ambitous girls who dreams are too big for this town
who hurts deep inside,
a stubborn girl with a bruised heart
who cries and cries
a silly girl with a loud laugh
who sometimes, just lets things ride.
Behind all the fast words and flashy gear,
Im just another self-concious guy.
Behind my loudness,
Im really shy.
Behind my smile,
Im really crying.
Behind these eyes,
So look behind the smile--
because my "smile" is lying.
Behind my independency,
im really incomplete.
Behind this strong demeanor--
my heart struggles to beat.
Behind this "perfect" frame--
is a shattered dream.
And in this "perfect" world--
everything is NOT how it seems.
Behind my smile,
is a broken heart.
Behind my laugh,
Im falling apart.
Come here,
Look closely,
and you just might see--
that the girl I am - -

- a kc tiko original
( no stealing , please )

Indescribable Feeling

My heart cant stop beating
My hands are sweating
Every part of my essence is heating
My toes are tapping
My soul is singing
My lungs are gasping
My throat is stinging
My vision becomes blurred
My mind goes crazy
I only see him, and the very sight
makes my eyes become lazy
My tongue is twisted
my body goes limp
My eyes are misted
A smile is plastered on my face
Suddenly all the blood in my body is pumping
and my heart begins to race
I feel like I'm on a natural high
i feel like my body is on overload
I feel like I can flyy
My body's itching
My lips are yearning
My fingers, twitching
My legs go weak
Listen.... can you hear that?
My heart just skipped a beat.
My legs have forgotten how to stand
Whats going on?
My mind has forgotten where I am
And when I try to open my mouth
I try, but i just cannot talk
And when i try to move my feet
I try, but I just cannot walk
My eyes feel blurry
Its like I can barely see...
And Its ALL because....
"HE" smiled at me...

- a kc tiko original
( no stealing , please )

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Inspired by the Older Sister, Star
all the credit goes to her *

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

As the blood drips down the sink
And my brain slowly ceases to think
As I lay my head on the bathroom floor
Two tears drip down my face with the promise of more
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand,
That death came and called my name,
And took me by the hand,
And said that it was time,
And that I'd have to leave all those I love behind.
As we walked slowly down the long, dark hall,
Memories of loved ones flooded my head,
However big or small.
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Tell my family,
Tell them I wish them well in whatever they choose to do,
That I have so much love for my brother and sisters,
And I know how much they love me too.
Most Importantly,
Make sure to tell My Tiffany –
Tell her please don't cry,
That I love her,
And I'm sorry that I couldn't say goodbye
Tell her; please tell her to be strong
And that she was definitely the main reason
Why I stayed alive so long.
Please Please PLEASE--
if you dont do anything else- you GOTTA
Tell Megaan not to ever forget me
And that it will be okay
And at my funeral, please tell her,
I'm so sorry we had to finally meet this way.
Tell Marcus—Oh please tell Marcus,
How much I loved him so,
How big of a part he played in my life,
Somebody's gotta let him know.
Tell KaRon that his guidance was not in vain,
I just could not resist the call,
When the knife called my name.
Tell all my Mo City Veterans,
That I will miss them most of all,
Keep them heads up, Be strong for me.
Stand Tall.
You guys have so much potential—if only you could see.
What I see.
Tell all my Richmond/Rosenberg friends,
Both Old and New,
I'll forever cherish the memories we made,
It's crazy how fast time flew.
As Death and I reach the elevator door, and Death
Pushes the button to go down,
My sad face quickly carved a deeper frown.
"Why cannot I go up above,
Meet my Savior Jesus,
And join all those I dearly love?
I haven't even accomplished all my dreams,
I haven't even gone to Disneyworld,
As silly as it seems."
I tried to say all this but I couldn't find my voice,
"I didn't want death! Especially not Hell! I want to go back! Please!"
But I knew that I had already made my choice.
So when tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see,
When sun will rise— and find those eyes—
In Houston, VA, Chicago, London, Norway, Africa, VA
-- all filled with tears for me
I wish so much yall wouldn't cry
Because I know how much yall love me,
As much I love you.
And each time that you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too.
All too soon, the elevator rang that inevitable "ding!"
As I stepped into the elevator, I glanced behind me,
Regretting Everything.
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don't think we're far apart.
For, everytime you think of me—
I'm right here in your heart.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's stupid
Real Stupid
It's a "Guy's Video"
just girls running around
boobs bouncing
I laughed when that
girl was like
"But Drake,
you only taught us
how to stretch"
Uhm It;s basically
Tities & Basketball
Hmmmm .
And I heard Kanye directed this ?
What the fuck .
Maybe Amber Rose did,
But Not KANYE .
Not Kanye .
Drake . . .
You gun have to
step your shit up .
You , too Kanye .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Omgsh Im so fuckin dowwwwwnn

Some shit popped off ( not goin into detail )

so now My moms took the cellie

AND the House phone

My mom's always takes the cellie

but I usually dont trip becuase

I stay caking on the house phone

But now she's taken that , too

So Im STUCK in this silence ass boring house

with noooo communication

and yall know Im the biggest talker ever

so this is just really fucking depressing

Good thing the internet & TV's not gone

because then I might just pack up my shit

& run off into the distance

What sucks the most is not being able to

talk to Corey

It sucks enough being in a long-distance relationship

But not talking to him at all

I dont think I can do it !

I snuck my mom's cellie today for 10 minutes

to call Corey, and he didnt even fucking answer !

And I got in trouble for doing it ,

and I was pissed because the shit wasn;t even worth it .

So if your blowing me up ,

Dont get all offended and shit .

So basically, I think I have forgotton how to talk .

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

So next time I see you ( friends w. cellies ) ,

I will take your phone, and cake with Corey the whole night long .

Till Next Blog, family !

Transformers, Robots In Disguise .


This is the part where I give you a critique

and tell you to watch this movie .

But i CANT :(


Arghhhhh ... this makes me really miss Corey ?!

Why you, ask ?!

Because when I was in VA,

we went to the movie theater , literally every night

and I know If I would have been in VA ,

we would have seen this opening day .

But alas,


What the hell ?!

And Im such a huge Transformer's fan .

So ( clears throat )

Who wants to take me out on a platonic date

to go watch this movie ?

I dont even know why I am asking

None of you cheap dudes gun wanna take me out

knowing damn well your not going to get any nookie !

Arggggghhhhhh .... i really wanna see this movie .

So, Maybe I'll just go . By myself .

Like the lame, I am :)

Chuckle of the Day . .

i hope it brings a smile to your face, as it did me .

I know they say Imiation is the best form of flattery but damn . .

Okay, first off I love Amber Rose,

she's exotic, different, and beautiful !

And she just doesn't giva fuck ( Extra Plus ) !

But what the hell is up with all these chicks copying her hair-style?

I love the fade the chick, i think it's fab . .

But now that I've seen many a chick

walking down the street with there little fade ,

It's getting quite annoying . .

I remember when having a fade on girl


Nigerian girls used to get RIDICULED for

having a BALD FADE !!

now I can't go to the mall without spotting

a couple blonde fades shopping in the store with me . .

when does inspiration fall into swagga - jacking ?

Even though I hate Cassie's do,

at least she tried to make it her own . .

It's crazy, people try to be different,

and end up being exactly the same . .!

I say -

" Just do you . Dont' do Amber rose , or Rihanna , or Ciara"

Be your own self, make your own haircut, and mostly


That's all for now, my rice is burning, Ohh Nooo ... Haha

Until Next blog, Family !

youtubing . .


this is the same artist that sung "Give it to me right" ; Her Name's Melanie Fiona