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Friday, July 3, 2009


I think Im so fine
Im real full of it,
thats what you'll hear them say
but truthfully, yes truthfully,
at the end of the day,
I take my mask off,
and the confidence fades away.
My so called high self esteem gets pretty low--
But i hide it so deeply so they'll never know--
Behind my hardness,
Im soft.
Behind my sureness,
Im lost.
Behind my cockiness,
Im insecure.
I used to be so sure of myself,
but now i aint so sure.
I know it seems like their words dont get to me--
but look deep inside and i bet you'll see--
a ambitous girls who dreams are too big for this town
who hurts deep inside,
a stubborn girl with a bruised heart
who cries and cries
a silly girl with a loud laugh
who sometimes, just lets things ride.
Behind all the fast words and flashy gear,
Im just another self-concious guy.
Behind my loudness,
Im really shy.
Behind my smile,
Im really crying.
Behind these eyes,
So look behind the smile--
because my "smile" is lying.
Behind my independency,
im really incomplete.
Behind this strong demeanor--
my heart struggles to beat.
Behind this "perfect" frame--
is a shattered dream.
And in this "perfect" world--
everything is NOT how it seems.
Behind my smile,
is a broken heart.
Behind my laugh,
Im falling apart.
Come here,
Look closely,
and you just might see--
that the girl I am - -

- a kc tiko original
( no stealing , please )

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