Yes, I'll have some videos, and pictures, & some new shit I like every now & then . But Sorry Kiddos - this blog wont be about "what's hot, or new, or instyle" . It wont be center on celebrities & new shit coming out, because honestly I could give less of a fuck . This blog will be centered around my thoughts, my poems, my wishes, my dreams, and my escapes .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hov's New Video D.O.A (Death Of Autotune)

Yall know I love me some Kanye ,
But this record goes way too HARD

jay Z = one the greatest to ever do it

[ take notice, Wezzy ]


I know Im late ,
But it took a couple days .
I'll keep it short & sweet .
Wow . .
I can't believe he's really gone .
My brother called me first
and when he told me the rumors,
I just didn't believe it .
I couldnt .
Yall dont even know . .
I was such a HUGE MJ fan . .
I recorded his videos ,
and would rewind them
and play them for hours
trying to copy his dances . .
I constantly jammed his CD's
listened to all his songs . .
Alot of people are saying
"damn , you acting like you knew him personally"
I didn't have to know him personally,
to be touched by his passing . . .
I loved him . .
He was a performer ,
The greatest one the world has ever seen .
Everyone in the dance industry has copied him
It is a sad sad sad time for America
He will be missed . .
and will forever live in all of our hearts.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Always expect the unexpected .

My time is Virginia is ending . . .

I'll be back home on Tuesday the 22nd . . . .

Well i'll be back somewhere in Houston on Tuesday . .

Seeing how my mother doesn't want me coming back home . .

Too damn bad for her , but I am coming home , HAHA . .

Well, it's not funny but whatever . .

This time in Virginia , has been fun, to say the least

I've learned alot , about myself & other people . . .

I've seen people's true colors . .

I've noticed how gossipy people are . .

And It is , what it is .

In this little time Ive been in VA ,

I;ve shot a bebe gun at birds

I;ve been the drunkest I have ever been

I;ve walked on the beach at midnight

I;ve jumped into a ocean

I;ve caught a fish

I;ve thrown up in a purse

I;ve drove for hours with no destination

I;ve flashed a security guard

I;ve kissed under a full moon

I;ve almost got jumped at a club by fat girls

I;ve smoked fake marijuana

I;ve witnessed family turn on you

I;ve been stuck in an Elevator for 10 minutes

I;ve spent the whole day at the beach . . .

& I've had a summer love ,


a boy that in such a little time ,

showed me what it means to be treated like a queen ,

He passed every test, put up with every tantrum . .

He was there for me , when it seemed I had no one else in VA .

We would drive for hours on sunny Saturday mornings,

listening to Drake,

and sipping on Arizona Iced Tea .

We would go down to the beach ,

sip on Smirnoffs & talk about life . .

He made me laugh, yell, scream, cry . . .

VA wouldn't have been the same without him .

I never knew Dudes were like this ,

and even if we can't be together ,

He gives me hope for the male species . .

Maybe one day , I'll find another dude like him . .

Maybe , Just Maybe . . .

Im so thankful to have met him .

The memory of him , will be with me forever .

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ranting *

i have so many questions, that I want answered . But I get no answers, and when I finally get an answer - Im just left with more & more questions . Life is a motherfkcing trip . You can go from feeling so high, to so low, to so high again . You can miss someone so much, that it aches your heart, kills your soul, and clouds your mind . & No matter what you try to do - the image of them never leaves your mind . The mary jane & tequila shots do little to forget the memory . In fact , they just make it worse . the memories come . Oh, the fucking memories . A movie here, a song here . Foods, streets . . for some reason - they all remind you a time in your life when you were with him . Memories can kill you, if your not careful . They eat at you . You can be doing something so irrevalent , and a smile flashes in your brain . And you dont understand why . Why aren't you so stuck on the sweet, good guy who would do anything for you & worships the ground you walk on . Why do you have to be stuck on this womanizing , sad excuse for a man . .? Why is it that he never leaves your mind ? Why is it that you cant even escape him in your dreams ? Why is that . . . you're still in love with him . . even after all this time . Even after , he's moved completely on . Questions . So many questions . Left with no answers . Sometimes, you miss him . Some days are bad days . Some days, every fucking song and every fucking word someone says remind you . . of something . Anything . And your left to fake a smile, a laugh . because that's who they know . They know the always -laughing, partying-loving, club-hopping, ganga-smoking, fun-loving, life-of-the-party-girl . . they dont see past the surface . . and why would they? To the naked eye, you seem happy . You seem joyous . You seem confident . . Well, you start to get tired of pretending . . your tears are starting to show, and yout smile is fading away . Why pretend to be happy for these people who dont give a fuck about anyways. Who cares how they see you. They fake as hell , anyways .

Life is not short to be anything but happy .
And even though you did love him ,
you have to admit - you weren't happy .
Yes, there were good times ,
but -You were lonely, you were stressed .

Live life for you .
No one else .
Not your man ,
Not your girl,
Not your mom,
Not your dad,

NOBODY but you
(and God)

Because in the end,
those are the ONLY 2 people
you really going to have .

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Album Review - "The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper" , Pleasure P's debut album

1. I’m A Beast Ft. Yung Joc
2. Boyfriend #2
3. Tender Roni (Handcuffin)
4. Under
5. Let Me
6. Gotta Have You
7. Did You Wrong
8. Your Love
9. Fire Lovin
10. Birthday Suit
11. Illusion
12. Dream In The Air

This album is amazingly good .
If you know me ,
you know I am a HUGE fan of Pleasure P .
Beyond Huge .
While listening to this CD,
I cried . Yes I did !
Because Ive been following P
since "GRIND ON ME"
and it's nothing short of AMAZING to see
how much he's grown & matured . .
Anyways - BELIEVE ME
this CD is wellll worth the 13$ !!
My favorites. . .?
that's such a hard question .
Im telling you - YOU WILL NOT PRESS SKIP
while listening to this album
but if I HAD to pick a top 3:
I'd have to say -

1. Illusion
2. Let Me
3. Boyfriend #2

But other songs like "Under" ,
"Gotta Have You" , "Dream in the Air"
are absoultely amazing also .

There's not a song I didnt fall in love with .
5/5 stars ALL THE WAY !

Run, dont walk to Walmart, Target, F.Y.E,
and pick up this CD ASAP
you will not regret it ,
im telling you <33

The world was introduced to Pleasure P when R&B group Pretty Ricky sprang onto the scene 2005. Now P is putting his other, more formal self on display with “The Introduction of Marcus Cooper,” a reference to his government name. While Pleasure P gained fame as Pretty Ricky’s lead singer, he left the group in 2007, and by the sound of his first solo release, he’s departing from the group’s risqué and explicit content as well.

The disc starts off on the highest of notes with “I’m A Beast,” a wildly entertaining cut that seems destined for single status. Yung Joc assists on the song, as P brags about his qualification as a lover over a dance-inducing synthesized beat.

It’s not all about getting down though. He muses about locking down the object of his affection on “Tender Roni,” which allows the singer to show he can still shine if the tempo and mood ease down. “Under,” the CD’s third single, is another slow jam that shows Pleasure’s equally enjoyable soft side as he sings in a near flawless falsetto.

Every song on the album has that same kind of precise execution. "Boyfriend #2" meshes creative songwriting with P’s pleasant voice and on “Fire Lovin,” he brings the same playfulness that he led Pretty Ricky with.

There’s a dangerous element of “Marcus Cooper” though that leaves many of the songs sounding alike. “Let Me” is an enjoyable ballad, but its generic sound and scope leave it not impressionable. Meanwhile, “Did You Wrong” puts Pleasure out of his element as he sings about reconciling with his significant other with uninspired lyrics and melodies.

Pleasure P gets ambitious towards the disc’s end. On “Illusion,” he sounds more like Ne-Yo with a mature-sounding song about imagining that special someone wherever he goes. “Dream In The Air” is on a way larger scale than anything Pleasure or Pretty Ricky has ever done, and it shows the singers willingness to branch out in the effort of advancing his artistry.

The self-proclaimed “new bad boy of R&B” offers a solid release with “Marcus Cooper.” With “Boyfriend #2” a mainstay on radio stations and billboard lists, Pleasure P seems to be taking the R&B world by storm, and will certainly be a pleasure to audiences, one that doesn’t necessarily have to be guilty.

Someone get this girl a record deal . .

Kobe's rape accusser think's she can freestyle .
and about , what else but Mr.Bryant himself .

dumb drunk white girl
hot ass fucking mess

seriously though,
theres nothing funny about rape .

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Great Hangover Tour Feat. Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, B.O.B., and Pac Div

WHEN: JULY 31ST 2009

I haven't got my tickets yet ,
but Im going to try my hardest to get them,
before next weekend
This concert will sell out quick ,
well maybe not .
Better safe than sorry .


Videos Of The Drake Concert In Houston on 5/7/2009

My videos got deleted :[
so here are some from someone else .
Enjoy .
This concert was wayy too wide <33
If you missed it, you missed out .

Happy 32nd Birthday , Kanye Omari West.

God birthed a genius 32 years ago today .
Yo - Where the hecks would I be w/o Kanye?
I definitely wouldnt be the same person you see today .
I'd be way less opionionated , and i might actually give a fuck .
He's inspired me so much , so much . . . SO FUCKING MUCH
His music, takes me to a better place, It's just so fucking nice .
He has defintely left his mark on this world & on my life ,
I really hope he has a bahm birthday , surrounded by loved ones <33

Happy 32nd Birthdayyyyy

Daddy-Fat $tacks .


It's Christoper Agboola ,

part-time Lover, full-time Friend (8

Holy Donuts ,

I love my little brother .

He's so funny & reminds me of me .

Not really, cause he's not as cool and shit .

But I still love him, & call him every night
(even tho' he doesnt answer so he can talk to his hoes)

ashy ass african .

He enlightens me , and I adore him <3

I feel bad for you, if you dont have his ugly ass in your life .

I guaruntee , your missing out .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

37 Randoms .

1. My Full Name is Kelechi Chwuebuka Tiko-Okoye
2. I just want to be successful & happy & inlove
3. Im none of those things
4. 18 years old, but been through so much, you'd swear I was 40 .
5. Southwest Houston Born - Mo City Raised . . I fucking miss the Mo so much
7. God is the person I cry to
8. Law and Order SVU , no words, DAMNNN I love that show
9. In love with a celebrity . Call me a groupie if it makes you feel better .
11. Dont agrue with me, You wont win
12. I dont engage in sexual activty
13. I have no home . . . at all
14. Very Very Very Implusive .
15. Pornos (:
16. I dream of waking up in a Studio Apartment in NYC
17. I almost died, twice . I am here for a reason .
18. Meaningful Hip Hop <3333333333
19.I dont know exactly what I want to do, but I know I want to change the world
20. I dream of performing on Def Jam Poetry
21. Fuck what's in style, I wear what I think is fucking sexy
22. I laugh at every single thing , even sad/scary things
23. I rarely EVER think before I speak
24. Ganja - smoker , Judge me if you must .
25. ESPN stays on my TV all day long
26.I CANNOT eat my pizza unless their's ranch close by
27. Can I please marry an NFL player? PLEAASE?
28. I am always up from 10pm - 5am
29. Late night phone calls are my seduction
30. My future scares the fuck outta me
31. Movie Fiend, I love them allllllll
32 . I cuss alot, damnit .
33. Maybe the coolest person you'll ever meet
34. Ima fighter , not a lover .
35. Reality shows make my fucking world go round
36. Once wanted to name my son 'Jack Sparrow" after the infamous pirate in 'Pirates of The Carribean' .
37. Love doesnt pay the bills, I need myself alot more than I need you .

Apologies ;

Well Damn ,
I havent blogged inawhile .
Im sorry , to all my followers .
Everyone starting making one and shit.
It started annoying the hell outta me .

Alot has happened,
Like my 18th birthday
my high school gradaution
& my vacation to Virginia
and etc, and shit .

But Im not back-pedaling
Im just going to go forward and
try to blog more often
which should be easy
seeing how I have a laptop & no life (:

Let's start with tonight , shall we?
It was Game 2 on the NBA Finals .
The Magic just lost to the Lakers after Overtime .
Im crying silent tears right now , what the fuck?
I guess because The Orlando Magic remind me so much of myself .
People doubting them & shit .
Thinking they couldn;t do it .
I believe in them, I fucking love them .
From the beginning , I said they were going to the Finals .
People called me crazy , but shit . Who was right?
This game was so intense .
I was yelling at the TV and shit .
Every shot they made, made my heart jump
& Every shot they missed, made my heart scream .
They were so fucking close, and they didn’t win .
Ahhhh , this shit fucking makes me wana go do cartwheels & drink beer .
Okay not really, but fuck it . Whatever .
I really wanna change the channel to Sportscenter -
but they gun all be on Kobe Bryant dick & shit
and I dont really feel like hearing all that .


Rashard Lewis & Dwight Howard are my heroes <33