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Friday, June 19, 2009

Always expect the unexpected .

My time is Virginia is ending . . .

I'll be back home on Tuesday the 22nd . . . .

Well i'll be back somewhere in Houston on Tuesday . .

Seeing how my mother doesn't want me coming back home . .

Too damn bad for her , but I am coming home , HAHA . .

Well, it's not funny but whatever . .

This time in Virginia , has been fun, to say the least

I've learned alot , about myself & other people . . .

I've seen people's true colors . .

I've noticed how gossipy people are . .

And It is , what it is .

In this little time Ive been in VA ,

I;ve shot a bebe gun at birds

I;ve been the drunkest I have ever been

I;ve walked on the beach at midnight

I;ve jumped into a ocean

I;ve caught a fish

I;ve thrown up in a purse

I;ve drove for hours with no destination

I;ve flashed a security guard

I;ve kissed under a full moon

I;ve almost got jumped at a club by fat girls

I;ve smoked fake marijuana

I;ve witnessed family turn on you

I;ve been stuck in an Elevator for 10 minutes

I;ve spent the whole day at the beach . . .

& I've had a summer love ,


a boy that in such a little time ,

showed me what it means to be treated like a queen ,

He passed every test, put up with every tantrum . .

He was there for me , when it seemed I had no one else in VA .

We would drive for hours on sunny Saturday mornings,

listening to Drake,

and sipping on Arizona Iced Tea .

We would go down to the beach ,

sip on Smirnoffs & talk about life . .

He made me laugh, yell, scream, cry . . .

VA wouldn't have been the same without him .

I never knew Dudes were like this ,

and even if we can't be together ,

He gives me hope for the male species . .

Maybe one day , I'll find another dude like him . .

Maybe , Just Maybe . . .

Im so thankful to have met him .

The memory of him , will be with me forever .

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  1. Summer love:) Everything is so carefree in the summer. Glad you lived memorable moments with him. All the best;)