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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Album Review - "The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper" , Pleasure P's debut album

1. I’m A Beast Ft. Yung Joc
2. Boyfriend #2
3. Tender Roni (Handcuffin)
4. Under
5. Let Me
6. Gotta Have You
7. Did You Wrong
8. Your Love
9. Fire Lovin
10. Birthday Suit
11. Illusion
12. Dream In The Air

This album is amazingly good .
If you know me ,
you know I am a HUGE fan of Pleasure P .
Beyond Huge .
While listening to this CD,
I cried . Yes I did !
Because Ive been following P
since "GRIND ON ME"
and it's nothing short of AMAZING to see
how much he's grown & matured . .
Anyways - BELIEVE ME
this CD is wellll worth the 13$ !!
My favorites. . .?
that's such a hard question .
Im telling you - YOU WILL NOT PRESS SKIP
while listening to this album
but if I HAD to pick a top 3:
I'd have to say -

1. Illusion
2. Let Me
3. Boyfriend #2

But other songs like "Under" ,
"Gotta Have You" , "Dream in the Air"
are absoultely amazing also .

There's not a song I didnt fall in love with .
5/5 stars ALL THE WAY !

Run, dont walk to Walmart, Target, F.Y.E,
and pick up this CD ASAP
you will not regret it ,
im telling you <33

The world was introduced to Pleasure P when R&B group Pretty Ricky sprang onto the scene 2005. Now P is putting his other, more formal self on display with “The Introduction of Marcus Cooper,” a reference to his government name. While Pleasure P gained fame as Pretty Ricky’s lead singer, he left the group in 2007, and by the sound of his first solo release, he’s departing from the group’s risqué and explicit content as well.

The disc starts off on the highest of notes with “I’m A Beast,” a wildly entertaining cut that seems destined for single status. Yung Joc assists on the song, as P brags about his qualification as a lover over a dance-inducing synthesized beat.

It’s not all about getting down though. He muses about locking down the object of his affection on “Tender Roni,” which allows the singer to show he can still shine if the tempo and mood ease down. “Under,” the CD’s third single, is another slow jam that shows Pleasure’s equally enjoyable soft side as he sings in a near flawless falsetto.

Every song on the album has that same kind of precise execution. "Boyfriend #2" meshes creative songwriting with P’s pleasant voice and on “Fire Lovin,” he brings the same playfulness that he led Pretty Ricky with.

There’s a dangerous element of “Marcus Cooper” though that leaves many of the songs sounding alike. “Let Me” is an enjoyable ballad, but its generic sound and scope leave it not impressionable. Meanwhile, “Did You Wrong” puts Pleasure out of his element as he sings about reconciling with his significant other with uninspired lyrics and melodies.

Pleasure P gets ambitious towards the disc’s end. On “Illusion,” he sounds more like Ne-Yo with a mature-sounding song about imagining that special someone wherever he goes. “Dream In The Air” is on a way larger scale than anything Pleasure or Pretty Ricky has ever done, and it shows the singers willingness to branch out in the effort of advancing his artistry.

The self-proclaimed “new bad boy of R&B” offers a solid release with “Marcus Cooper.” With “Boyfriend #2” a mainstay on radio stations and billboard lists, Pleasure P seems to be taking the R&B world by storm, and will certainly be a pleasure to audiences, one that doesn’t necessarily have to be guilty.

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