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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Waiting to Exhale .


Their never fast
and something about my past -
reminds me that forever never lasts.
But enough about that,
we have a sitation you see,
because the love of my life
is getting married today,
but not to me,
its supposed to be,
We've been best friends,
before Barbie met Ken,
before Rocko had a modern life,
& before Cow and Chicken were friends..
So who THE HELL is SHE ?..
to take him away from me,
I wanna run, I wanna cry,
I wanna live, I wanna die,
I wanna scream, I wanna shout,
I want my hidden feelings
to come out.
T O O . L A T E .
I can faintly hear
the preacher announce that she is his wife,
and the pain of it all cuts deeper than knives.
I got to get out of here ..
I've got to get out of here!
But before I can, HE pulls me near,
"Well, KC.. what do you think?...
What do you think?!"
I think... I think...
I think it's so absurd --
the way I gotta keep
from choking words..
I think that my heart
is qoinq to explode from cryinq --
I think that my mind
is qoinq to explode from tryinq --
to fiqure out the riqht words to say:
to make everythinq okay..
to make this all just qo away..
Shit , I think that
love is not patient
and love is not kind

It brinqs false hope
and leaves you blind
Love hurts the mind
and kills the soul,
It fills up you up,
then leaves a hole
Love can read you so easily,
as if you were an open book--
It can change
the course of your life forever
with just one look ;
Love crashes into you
as suddenly and painful as a car,
l e a v i n g you --
wanting and needing,
fighting and bleeding,
yelling and screaming,
vunerable and open,
lonely and broken,
of thing left u n s p o k e n .
"I think it's great, J."
He smiled, gave me a hug,
and walked away.
Stomping all over my heart
with every single step.
Not telling him
was my biggest regret..
+& Im going to try
my hardest to heal..
But this cut's too deep..
and this pain's too REAL.


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