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Sunday, March 22, 2009


If you know me, then you know that I am a Kanye West FIEND . You can say obessessed, if you want . He is my favorite rapper & producer in the whole world . I've been rocking with Kanye BEFORE 808'S, BEFORE Graduation, and BEFORE Dropout, Ive been rocking with Kanye when most of yall didnt know who he was . When he produced beats for JAY on His Blueprint album . Ive seen Kanye evolve and mature . Some of all, aint rocking with the "new" Kanye, all that singing shit . You dont like it . well FUCK YOU . you dont have to like it . Do you know how much shit's Kanye's been through this past year? His girlfriend/fiancee of 6 years leaves him , right after his mother dies . Thats some fucked up shit! He's getting his emotions out . If you a true 'Ye fan, then you wouldve noticed that he didnt even try to promote this album at all . He didnt GIVE A FUCK if yall was gun vibe to it or not . He did it for him, to get this shit off his chest . He's pouring his heart out on that record, letting people know that the celeb life is not everything it seems . shit is lonely & unhappy . I digg 808's because it's HEARTFELT . no fake shit, just REAL SHIT . about REAL problems . everyone can relate to that shit . & i love Kanye even more , because i know his managers & shit were like , "Kanye , people arent going to understand this. Lets just go back to whats been making us $$$$" . Kanye understands that HIP HOP does not stay the SAME . He can see the future & all yall lil wayne-jockers are still stuck in the past . Not saying that I dont miss the old Kanye , HELL THE FUKC YEAH I DO . But shit, change is sometimes painful, and sometimes beautiful, but most of the time, its BOTH . I understand what Kanye's doing and shit, I applaud it . I know, Kanye . . is a little too much sometimes . But shit, he makes mistakes, the mothefucker is HUMAN you know. he's not a GOD . he's just a dude form the Chi who was ill w ith a deal, but he wasnt talking Coke & birds . . it was more like S P O K E N W O R D . Ina keep rocking with yeezy , now & forever more . He made me fall even more in love with Hip Hop . He keeps Hip Hop breathing , he is the very essense of everything a Hip Hop artist should be . So here's to you, Kanye . HERES TO YOU .

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