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Friday, March 27, 2009

Papa's Got A Brand New Excuse;

In this episode, Will's father comes back into his life after 14 years, only to break his heart yet again . This scene is when Will says goodbye to his father & starts ranting to Uncle Phil about how he successfully grew up without the help of his so-called father and later breaks into tears is THE one of the most memorable moment in the entire series, as it displays the hidden vulnerability in Will's character. We all know Will Smith is funny as hell, But this episode proves that he is more than just a TV comedian - it shows his more serious acting side. After seeing this episode, i knew Will Smith was going to be something BIG . Another thing about this scene that makes it so special is the hug between Uncle Phil and Will at the end which speaks volumes about their relationship; that Uncle Phil isn't there just to whip Will's behind as we see in almost every other episode, but that he's the only father that Will has ever had and that no altercation between them could ever change that. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, will go down in history as the best show ever ran .

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  1. I remember this ! ! !
    That episode made me cry dude .
    Lol .
    Talk about a flash from the past(:

    Nice postagee:D

    -Gracie Graham♥