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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tiffany Alisha Owens (*)

Best Friends, 10 years strong + counting ,

This person doesnt have a blogspot . .
and since she doesn't get on the internet much anymore . .
I doubt she'll ever see it . .
but this blog isn't for her , this blog is for me . .
to be able to freely express my thanks . .

4th grade ; 1999 -

Living in Mo City, and life was great .

Me & Mary ( my "best" friend at that time )
used to beat her ass, afterschool .
Fucking nerd, with your braces
and coke bottle bi - focals .

I remember Vondrick ( your step - dad )
used to come outside & yell at us
"Stop hitting on Tiffany!"

And we would laugh,
and laugh . .

But then Mary moved .
And somehow, I talked to you one day .
& we became close as fuck .

I made you trade those bi focals for
some contacts

We did everything together ,
& since you lived right up the street from me,
I was ALWAYS at your house,
You were ALWAYS at mines .

We created an unbreakable bond .
The crazy thing about me & Tiffany ,
is we never argue . Not once .
Whenever we are together ,
We just have a good time . .
Laughs, Laughs, and More laughs .

We could be nothing,
and have the funnest time doing it .

So many inside jokes ,

So many memories . .

I'd take me a million years to tell them all .

I remember in the 5th grade,
when you cried to 3LW's "No More"
because Fred & you broke up,
and I sat next to you in that garage,
and cried with you . . .

I remember in the 6th grade,
when we jumped that mexican boy
and ran from the cops together . .
and hid at the elementary school ,
sitting there , out of breath,
laughing and worried at the same time .

That was the beginning of an epedemic .
I was trouble by myself,
and so were you .
and together ,
we were fukcing choas .

I remember out parents didnt want us to be friends,
they tried to seperate us so bad,
PLEASE . wtf they thought .?

Thats like seprating
peanut butter & jelly
cow & chicken
Ed, Ed, & Eddy

Man, what you know about us
skipping school in the 8th grade,
and even though I warned your ass about
that daytime curfew shit ,
you still wanted to go outside ,
and walk around the neighborhood,
for no reason .
& that cop stopped us,
and gave us tickets for DAYTIME CURFEW
and we sat in that back of police car
and he brung us to the principal
in front of EVERYONE at lunch
in handcuffs . .
Muahahaha . .

Separating us.? PLEASE
We were a team, unstoppable .
Until ,
I moved .

Sophmore Year .
That shit was hard .
I was Leaving Mo City for Richmond .
and my best friend wouldnt be with me.?
What the fuck , was I supposed to do.?

We still kept it madd close tho .
Distance never did shit to us .

We was still chilling,
whenever we could .
Still acting an ass .

Maybe you dont remember
in the 6th grade,
prank calling Nathan
on my house phone
and you said :
This is Janay
and he said WHO?
and you said,
"Did I stutter?"
Now , I say that shit all the time .
Hahahahaahah .

but I know you gotta remember
the very beginning of summer o9,
when you came to my house,
and we went somewhere,
we had 7 MD 20/20's
and you got drunk as fuck,
and threw up alll overrr my lawn .
And then you fell alseep on my toliet?
Hahahahahaha . .

Damn, have you ever met anyone,
that you knoww would be always there for you .
No matter , what the situation .

This blog has gone on,
wayy too long .
But I cant stop my fingers from typing .

Whenever I mention my childhood,
Mo City, the "good days",
how can I not think about Tiffany.?

Tiffany, has been there for me ,
when I wasnt even there for myself .

She's took the rap for me plently times,
She's always had my back .

I have many " besties " ,
but I only truely have one best friend .

I always say best friends are never forever,
and even if we arent .

The memory of you ,
and everything you did for me,
and what you made outta me .
will always, always, always
be with me , for the rest of my days .

I can promise you that ,

I can PROMISE you that .

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  1. wow thats some love. you bad ass kids lol
    its funny how you know you're best friends wit someone, when you're in a situation wit a cop lol