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Friday, August 14, 2009

Drama , Lies , & Tears ; Fuck These Teenage Years .

Love is not patient
& Love is not kind

It brings false hope
& leaves you blind

Love hurts the mind ,
and kills the soul . .

It fills you up ,
then leaves a hole .

You were my happy ending
You were my sweet regret

The blow of your fist
My body's a wreck

I can still feel your
hands wrapped around
my neck

Tears, rolling down
the same old cheeks

This game is getting old
I move my feet

You say don't stay
You say don't go

I look in the eyes of a man
that I hardly know

I yearn for compassion
You dont understand

I walk to the door
You grab my hand

Your lies mesmerize me
Your kiss fools my brain

I try to escape your touch
Your lips whisper my name

You lead me to the bed,
a place we both know well

Your magic seems to hold me
Am I under your spell.?

I wake up ,
all alone .

I call ,

You dont pick up
the phone .

Tears stain the sheets.
This game is so hard to beat.

I run to the door,
cant take it anymore .

There's nothing
you could do or say

You're going to break
my heart anyway

so please, just
leave the pieces
when you go . .


  1. ( Crying . )
    Oh girl you got me on this shit .

  2. awww kc.
    dont be heartbroken over no nigguuhhh.
    except if i stopped being your friend :)
    i love you girl.
    maybe he'll come around later.
    or maybe yall just werent meant to be.
    atleast all this happened before yall got married.
    i wouldnt want you stuck in a bad marriage.

    call me or text meeeeee.

  3. Love has its downs but its a beautiful thing; and it shouldnt involve fists. You deserve better, I cant tell you to bounce, but if you're hurting, it probably isnt a situation you should be in. Some people just never change, and it shouldnt be up to us to wait until they do.

  4. mayne i love this blog :)
    dont let that nigga play you !
    you're too cute & intelligent for all that
    . . so i know you'll either find someone better
    or like chris said he'll come around :D