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Thursday, August 20, 2009

R.I.P. Enyinaya Nwankwo .

My heart stopped at 12.15 am last night
My friend Olivia told me that our friend ,
Enny got shot that morning walking back home .

Yall know him as ENO the great or MR.WAVES ,
I just know him as Enny, the dimple in my smile .

My Enny.?
Not Mine .
It must be a mistake .
You have the wrong guy!
Not the one who went to Taylor , & Elsik .
Not the one who was about to go to college .
Not the one i would stay on the phone with
from 9pm - 8am , talking about the silliest things .
Not the one I met summer o6, at church camp .
Not the one, that constantly had me laughing .
Not the one, I played basketball against all the time .
Not the one, I kissed under fireworks .
Not the one, who would hug me so tight
that I could barely even breathe .
Not the one, I laughed with in the lake .
No, Not the one I danced with under the stars
The one, who I snuck out with .?
It cant be the one who I cried with in chapel .
It cant be the one whose hands I held walking
down the street .
Please, Not Him .


But It was him .
I dont understand .
I was just talking to E ,
a couple weeks ago . .

He was healthy, alive,
happy, goofy as ever . .

Now he's gone .

The memories ,
they suffocate me .

Do you rememeber when
we went to that barbequee together
and we chopped on everybody there
while eating our ribs ?

and we sat there
from 11am - 4am in the morning
talking about life, love, etc . .

I BET you dont remember when
me & olivia snuck into the boy's cabin
( even though we could got kicked out for it )
and we danced with you, and Kendrick for 30 seconds
before we rann out , laughing so hard . . .

Do you rememeber when,
I snuck out my cabin at 2am
and we laid on the bench togher,
cracking each other up . .

Eno , I miss you so much . I need you here, with me . Being that damn good friend you always were . No matter how I felt, I always knew I could count on you . . to make me smile . To make me forget . . It's not fair . . You were such a good person, Why did you have to get taken away from me, and everybody else who loves you much ? I dont understand , maybe i'll never understand , i'll keep your memory alive Enny . . I love ya "CRACKHEADZ" hahahaahaha . .

Im crying,
Im laughing .

I know he's in a better place .
I just wish I could hear that corny-ass laugh one more time .
I wish I could hug him one more time .
I wish I could look in his eyes , ONE MORE TIME .

Never take Life for granted ..

Gone too soon ,


I Love You , E .

I'll see ya at the crossroads .

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