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Saturday, August 1, 2009

my friends are so got damn lucky .

so the Kid Cudi, Asher Roth,
Pac Div, and B.O.B concert
was last night .

I heard Cudi was
reall messed up
and was saying
a buncha things
on the mic
that didnt make
sense !

anyways , so . . .

asher and cudi came outisde
after the concert

my friends caught up with them
and took pics with them :

lucky motherfkers.
and i woulda bin one of them ,
If I had actually went to the concert .
They told me that
Cudi & Roth were out there
with them for like 45 minutes
talking and laughing about
life, the concert, G- shocks, etc .
Ahhh, I hate my friends :(
They dont even LIKE
Kid Cudi & Asher Roth .
Okay thats not truee .
They , do .
but not nearly
as much as meeee .

Oh well .

Until Next Blog, Fam .

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