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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hotel Rooms & Popeyes Chicken .

Hello, Bloggers .
I am reporting from Virginia .
As you could probably guess ,
Im with Corey . . .
Corey, the love of my life, right?
Wrong . Everything feels different .
Looks different . Tastes different . .
Im not happy . . Im just not . .
It was supposed to excitement , and fun .
It was supposed to be making memories .
Instead it's a cold, dark hotel room,
where Im alone and not alone at the same time,
eating nasty cereal & popeyes chicken every day,
it's agruments every single night,
being in bed by 11pm,
waking up & doing the same damn thing . .
I dont know how I feel anymore ,
I dont know how he feels anymore ,
He doesn't even tell me he loves me anymore,
maybe because he doesnt,
or maybe because ,
he never did .
I never thought I'd say this but :
I think,
this is the b e g i n n i n g to the e n d
of KC Tiko & Corey Harper .

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