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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is what happens when you smoke Crack .

(Cassie Shaves Head Half-Bald)

I hate how everyone in Hollywood doing drastic changes
and thinking people gun be okay with that shit
Some drastic changes like 808's , im cool with
But some like Lil Wayne "Prom Queen" are fucking retarded

Tsk Tsk .

"When you try to be different,
your just like everyone "trying to be different"
Just Be You ; An original is worth a million times more than it's copies .


  1. + ahh. exactly. everyone is changing. everyone trys to be different. an it kinda makes me mad. cuz there "trying" an the thing is everyone is tryin to be the same..if u think about it.. cassie doin that rockstar shit when last year she was rockin dam baby phat.. an lilwayne.. even kanye. sorry to tell u that. but he is changing..

  2. Amen .
    I'm glad someboady understands .
    Because all these asshole run around here trying to be " Unique . "
    Which is such an overused word .
    I remember when i tried to wear skinny jeans in the 6th grade to school .
    I got clowned like a motherfucker .
    Now everybody and thier dead great grandpas wear those hoes .

    You go ahead Kc Tiko .
    I'll read your book when it comes out .
    I'll need you to sign it for me too .