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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Do I Feel This Good Sober;?

Im a high school graduate .
I graduated ahead of my 09 class .
I should be ecstatic . But I am not .
Alot of people envy me for it .
But Im not the lucky one ,
I sometimes wish I was still in school .
As dumb as it sounds ,
I miss standing for the national anthem .
I miss the exams, the gossips,
the hugs inbetween classes,
the freestyles at lunch,
the laughs, the tears,
the principal's office
Discipline slips,
Track class,
jumping in the car
and going off campus for lunch
I miss it all .

It's prom season
and everyone's getting ready ,
making plans, getting dresses,
I feel so left out .


I should be taking senior pictures,
ordering my gown and invitations,
just enjoying my senior year .

Im supposed to be making memories
and stressing over Economics exams .

But Im not .
Im working part time
and clubbing part time

I dont want to be grown

I wanna go back,
before alternative school,
when life was good .

Yes, I am starting college in the fall
and yes, I am excited to start a new chapter

But shit . Im still not finished with this one!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh .

Dear High School,
I will surely miss you xoxo .

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