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Monday, April 27, 2009

only once the drugs are done . . .

Fuck, I have alot to say .
But I dont want to say anything .
Every fucking time, I get happy .
Some shit comes, and fucks it all up .

why do i feel so alone ?

they dont know what to do ;
when im hurt, when im angry .

I have so much to say
but nobody to say it to
So i spill my heart in these blogs
and try to get this shit off my chest
a problem shared is a problem solved right?

Im probably fired from my job
Im probably never going to get over this dude
Im probably gunna have a crappy ass 18th Birthday
Im probably gunna cry myself to sleep tonight

what the fuck is that?
is that people that are supposed to always be there for you,
no matter what?
is that people you can always depend on,
no matter what?
Nahhhhh .
That;s the people who disappoint you the most
who are never there when you need them the most

Im tired of feeling like this .
Im tired of always doing for me .
I wish i had a moms who loved me
and a dad that spoiled me
Bitches be worried about boys & drama
I dont even have the leisure to worry about that shit
I gotta worry about my next motherfucking meal

I just wanna fly away
from all my problems & issues
I dont know what the fuck to do

Im slowly fading away . . . . . . .
so beyond the point of no return (*)

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