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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making The Band 4

Im watching my favorite show in the world right now ;
& Im so sad that it;s ending so I wanted to blog about it

Making the band 4 = Chicken Soup For My Soul
It;s more than JUST a show .
It's let us, the fans in .
It shows us that Hollywood aint what it seems .
That shit is hard work, and you gotta have tough skin .
It make;s Day 26 & DK, relatable .
They go through the same shit we all go through .
They fall in love, they fight, they cry, they laugh .
Day 26 , and this is REAL ASS TALK :
Is the MOST talented R&B group ive seen
since the likes of Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men, and etc .
They have such a beautiful sound .
And they are so funny ;
by watching the show -
I feel like they are my brothers
like they are my homeboys
When they laugh, i laugh
when they hurt, i hurt
when they cry, i cry
when they go through something,
I feel as if I, myself I am going through it
It;s a crazy connection .
They dont know my name
But theirs are sketched in my hearts

I hope I dont sound crazy ,
im just expressing my feelings is all .

Robert, ahh i love him so much .
He's a bizzy body ,
and can seem two faced at times
but his talent is UNDENIABLE
to me, he has the 2nd best vocals in the group

Mike, hes just sit back & doesnt get in any drama
but he;s so sweet & endearing
his voice , can move mountains

Brian, is my FAVORITE in the group
he has , hands down, THE best vocals in the group
he reminds me so much of myself,
passionate with a slight anger problem
who feels misunderstood at times

Willie, okay he;s VERY GOOD LOOKING
we know that . but sometimes i feel like
he thinks he;s the leader of the group
& I feel like, he could possible want to go solo

Q, Last but DEFINITELY not least,
Q is THE perfect boyfriend, i LOVE this dude!
The way he treats Dawn gives me hope for guys<3
He, has his "days" ; but we ALL go through those days
and he is a VITAL member to this group

as for Danity Kane, they are so stupid
they had the WORLD in their hands
& they slip away over pettty shit
they had TWO number one albums
fucking double platitum
AND its a ressicion
Aubrey & D Woods lost sight of the dream
and its a shame <|3

-- Dawn ,
Shes amazing ! I love her style & personality .
She has a GORGEOUS voice & She inspires me <3
I wouldnt want Q to be with anyone else but her .

I wont comment on the rest of DK ;
them bitches are selfish & stupid
do they really think they'll go far with they solo projects;?

Aubrey is a SLUT, who changed so much . yuck
D Woods is officially a video ho, and is probably fucking all the rappers .
Aundrea, just got caught up in all the drama
Shannon, is cool . No beef there <3

Thank you for MTB4 Diddy,
you are truly a genius .

I will miss MTB4
it will live in my heart forever :)

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