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Thursday, February 11, 2010

they wouldnt call it a crush, if it wasnt supposed to hurt .

Wayne. Thats his name. *Sigh* He's gorgeous. I mean ridiculously gorgeous . Perfect height, perfect teeth, perfect skin color, perfect EVERYTHING. Ive never had more butterflies in my stomach. & I dont even hardly know him. I know he's a good guy tho. It's a serious jones in my bones. I mean, i cant even form a simple sentence when Im around him. I feel like I sound stupid. I probably do sound stupid. I've been crushing on him for 4 months & I have even had a full on conversation with him... Im scared of ; rejection . Ahh yes , I know . Im a pretty girl , with a LOVELY personality. But, Im just scared . Scared he wont feel the same. And I will have to see him all the time on campus, knowing that I wasnt pretty/tame/short/etc,etc enough for him & that WILL KILL ME. The risk of him rejecting me is more scarier than the thrill of him accepting me. FUCK! Why cant I just go up to him & tell him? Why? Because I have no damn balls that's why. What should I do you guys? My friend told me to take it slow but its been 4 months ! shit, I just wanna tell him. I wanna move on ! Either he likes me or he doesnt . F#ck it !

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