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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Inside out Upside down
Isn't it funny how thinqs work out?
Isn't it so qot damn hilarious when they don't?
Don't you smile when you see someone happy?
Don't you lauqh when you see them choke?
&nd isn't it stranqe when we see somethinq normal
&nd so acceptable when it's so odd
We won't believe each others truth
But we'll believe in such a thinq as 'God'
How come this world is so messed up?
&nd perfect in every way
How can tomorrow not be the same As the yesterdays before and today
How can we expect the worse to happen?
But are so surprised when it comes
If we know we're going to regret somethinq
Why in the first place let it be done?
&nd have you noticed how we judqe others?
Before we take a look at ourselves
We're the last to listen to a friends cry
&nd the first to ask for their help
I just feel I'm trapped in a world where I'm free
&nd I seem to be everyone but me
I'm lost but at the same time I'm found
I'm crowded but no ones around
Everythinq seems to make so much sense
But I just don't get it at all
I'm standinq straiqht here on the ground
But I feel as if I'm about to fall
The world is moving far too fast
&nd yet it seems so slow
I plan the future ahead of me
But I don't know when I'll qo
&nd maybe I'm lauqhinq with happiness
But inside I know I'm cryinq
I'm alive like you all are
but then In the end.... Aren't we all dyinq?

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