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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Space Jams .

Bloggers .
I just had to address this ,
but I feel stupid because Im talking about all the hype surrounding this
and here I am, making a blog, giving it more hype.
Our generation is lost .
People are copping these shoes, just to able to say in their facebook status:
"I coppped them! Waited 6 hours for them!"
Like, shxt, it's not that serious .
The shoes are fllllly ,
but they didnt take my breath away or anything .
It's just a buncha followers, shit .
Somebody told me, Im just hating because I didnt get them.
Those shoes are only $190.
Believe me, I've spent more on a pair of sneaks.
If I wanted them, they would be in my hands right now.
Everybody & they mama got those Space Jams,
yall all gun look the f#ckn samee .
Where's the Indivuality ?

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