Yes, I'll have some videos, and pictures, & some new shit I like every now & then . But Sorry Kiddos - this blog wont be about "what's hot, or new, or instyle" . It wont be center on celebrities & new shit coming out, because honestly I could give less of a fuck . This blog will be centered around my thoughts, my poems, my wishes, my dreams, and my escapes .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tattoos Last Forever.

So, bloggers .
Im thinking about getting "MRC XIV" on my inner bottom lip.
MRC = Marcus Ramone Cooper . (google him)
XIV = Fourteen In Roman Numerals
04-05-o5 (the first day I saw Marcus)
Get it?
See, it actually symobolizes something special .
Im 95% sure Im going to get it.
Don't tell me Im stupid.
Your stupid.
Im just fucking inlove.
Hmmm, That's all for now.

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