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Friday, October 16, 2009

Kindergarten Crushes.

3:30 on a rainy thursday.
Time for class, fucking yuck.
I pile into the ferguson building.
Im high, and hungry.
The elevator takes weeks.
He stands next to me.
Electricty runs through my veins.
He smells like Tommy Hilfiger.
He Dresses Like A King
DING. The Elevator's Here.
I'm melting in his presence.
Can't we stay here forever?
I want to speak.
I want to say HELLO.
I can do nothing.
Someone texts him.
He looks down at the phone and smiles.
I'd give anything to make him smile like that.
I'd wear a fucking clown suit and suck on a lollipop
just to make him smile like that.
HISTORY CLASS seems to only last minutes .
He walks out, looking like ZEUS himself.
Smh. . If Only He Knew
I doubt he'll ever . .

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