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Thursday, May 7, 2009

as we go on , we remember . .

So, I got my cap & gown in the mail today . .
I stared at it for a long time . .
for some reason, tears came to my eyes . .

Can't I go back to the 4th grade - - -
when boys chased the girls all over the playground
and I was the Queen of hopscotch . .
when the only thing that hurt me was Skinned knees .

Now, Im about to graduate ,
all the friends that I made in high school ,
we will all be scattered across different places in the US ,
everythinq will change . .
the friends Ive made has all changed my life in some way,
they've contributed a big deal to the person you see before you today .
Now I have to go somewhere, and start completely over,
make new friends, and memories . . :(

All the crazy memories of high school run through my head ,

freshman year - at ThurGood Marshall (my BEST year)
back in Mo City , all the happiness, Varsity Track,
singing on the bus on the way to track meets . .

sophmore year - at BF Terry
I was new, and the hottest thing this town had ever seen
So much drama, but so much fun . . & KIPPING , awh shittt .

junior year - senior year at Lamar Consolidated
whoooo .... these 2 years were the MOST stressful in my whole life . .
but the crazy ass memories i made, are unforgettable .
and if i could go back, i wouldnt have done ANYTHING differently .

the friends i made, the girls i fought, the boys i kissed,
the write-ups i got, the lockers i shared, the game i cheered,
the meets i ran, the hallways i strolled, the pictures i took
those memories will last F O R E V E R (*)

Life goes so fast - if you blink , you might miss it .

as a kid, everyone tells you "your too young for this, for that"
and you think in your head . . i cant WAIT till i turn 18 .

Well why arent I jumping for joy?

I'll be startinq COLLEGE in the fall,
in a new town, where i know pretty much NOBODY . .
no one is going to wake up for Class,
no one is going to remind me about my exam,

Im, Im . . Im an ADULT :|

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