Yes, I'll have some videos, and pictures, & some new shit I like every now & then . But Sorry Kiddos - this blog wont be about "what's hot, or new, or instyle" . It wont be center on celebrities & new shit coming out, because honestly I could give less of a fuck . This blog will be centered around my thoughts, my poems, my wishes, my dreams, and my escapes .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It'll make 7 months since you've passed on the 19th .
I cried yesterday, I cry today, I'll cry tomorrow .
It just... hurts you know ?
Im going through it
I wanna call you so bad .
So you can cheer me up & make me laugh
like you always do .

A good friend's death . .
hurts beyond words can describe .

I look at your picture & talk to you often .
You dont talk back ,
But i know you hear me .
& that comforts me .

I love you , Enny .
I'll see you at the cross roads .

Missing you A L W A Y S <3

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