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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cuz Mama raised hell of a Thug .

I cried today,
for no reason in particular.

I just laid in bed and cried

I cried because Im too independent.
I need someone to depend on .

I cried because I was sad.
I cried because I was happy.
I cried because I miss Enny.
I cried because I didn't say goodbye.
I cried because I felt lonely.
I cried because I felt overwhelmed.
I cried because of Marcus.
I cried because of Corey.
I cried because of the past.
I cried because of the future.
I cried because I hate him.
I cried because I love him.
I cried because Im trapped.
I cried because Im free.

the tears flowed so easily
my heart seemed to burst

Im different, I know that .
Im used to the stares .

Cant you see past my confident demeanor?

Girls stare & talk shit
Guys use & abuse

I dont feel accepted.
I dont feel at home.
But then again ,
when did I ever ?

I wonder . . .
Where do I Belong ?

1 comment:

  1. you belong with me !

    mann i love coming here on a saturday afternoon. your stuff is too uplifting . but you dont need to fit in, youre cooler that way :)